Jelastic: Rapid Deployment of Apps & Middleware Stacks

Your customers usually struggle with installation, configuration and maintenance of  virtual machines. Even mature developers looking for cloud solutions that automate routine and complex steps to configure stacks. They just want to use applications and services to help them solve their technical and business challenges.
The Jelastic cloud hosting platform delivers everything your customers need to deploy scalable and highly-available business applications in your cloud.

Increase revenue with PaaS, Docker and Marketplace

Elastic VPS
Migrate your customers from shared hosting and VPS to more scalable and managable cloud services within intuitive UI. Jelastic PaaS provides automation for running Java, JaveEE, PHP, Ruby and Node.JS apps

Docker Hosting
Allow your customers to quickly deploy any dockerized applications to your cloud. Provide a clear & easy-to-use UI to create and manage multi-container Docker-based apps, allowing interconnections and massive redeployments

Applications Marketplace
Offer popular apps from a Marketplace of more than 100 options. Deploy Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Alfresco, or simply package your own application generate additional revenue from current customers

Integrated with your billing system and control panel

Out-of-the-box support for WHMCS, Odin Service automation and Odin Business Automation Standard is provided. Plus, you can integrate Jelastic with your own custom billing solution through the API provided

Out-of-the-box integration with Odin Service Automation and Odin Business Automation Standard via APS 2.0

Off-the-shelf integration with WHMCS billing system

Powerful API for other billing and control panel integration

Powerful admin panel for billing & customer management


The Jelastic Cluster Admin panel provides a consolidated view of your cloud resources, with sophisticated management and monitoring of the cluster.

  • Add servers to the cloud quickly and easily
  • Manage resource rates, service plans and billing integration
  • Comprehensive analytics for all resources in the cloud
  • Performance metrics and tuning
  • Management of resellers
  • Sophisticated user and security management features

All of this runs on your own infrastructure. You have full control.

Easy to use Cloud Hosting control panel for your customers

The Jelastic Dashboard creates and manages the application environment including application servers, load balancers and clustering and availability.

  • Keeps server configurations up to date and consistent across the environment
  • Defines parameters for auto-scaling applications
  • Provides orchestration for application deployment, patches, updates and roll-backs
  • Multi-datacenter & multi-availability zone support
  • Fully rebrandable whitelabel UI

Create and manage PaaS cloud

Your customers can easily create and manage both simple and complex PaaS cloud environments with a wide range of automation for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.JS, Python and ASP.NET apps. You can organize them with tags, view live statistics, and more. Edit, start, reboot, firewall settings, access with SSH or RDP.

Deploy and manage dockerized

Your customers can easily create and manage multiple interconnected Docker containers and deploy micro-service applications. They can scale Docker containers vertically, horizontally, attach shared persistent volumes, access via SSH and perform rolling updates. All the actions can be done using straightforward cloud hosting control panel or CLI.

Install hundreds of apps
through the marketplace

Start selling dozens of scalable applications from Jelastic marketplace.We already have on board CMS, ECM, ERP and CRM systems, SQL & NoSQL databases, dev & collaboration tools, and many other types of applications. You can also access applications within the Docker Hub.

Simple and flexible pricing
for your customers

Jelastic built-in billing engine is capable of metering and billing RAM, CPU, Storage, Bandwidth, IP addresses and additional services.
You can setup tiered pricing or just flat fees.
Both pre-paid and post-paid models are supported, along with a SaaS-like trial mode.
Jelastic’s usage-based billing offers truly flexible and elastic pricing, compared to old-style VPS and IaaS.

250k customers 40 hosting providers in 28 countries already benefit from Jelastic
IDC named Jelastic as a Major Player of Global PaaS Market*

"Customers need solutions rather than technologies. We wanted an all-in-one device that was easy to install at a customer site, and we wanted to avoid spending lots of time connecting and configuring the appliance"

− Timo Mankartz, dogado ‎Director Customer Success, Germany

"Jelastic brings us game-changing advantage for new customer acquisition. As nearly every hosting company is offering IaaS in one way or another, it is vital for a hosting company like Planeetta to be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the market. And with Jelastic's unique business model, we are also starting to get customers from abroad, which multiplies our opportunities."

− Lauri Kasti, CEO of Planeetta Internet, Finland

"UK developers understand the importance of keeping servers local to their users, but they’re fed up with the system administration headache of running their own servers. It eats up a lot of valuable time, which users prefer to spend developing cool new software! Layershift’s new innovative cloud platform (based on Jelastic) is here to rescue UK developers from long deployment time and platform-specific programming"

− Damien Ransome, Layershift Service Director, the United Kingdom

"We are excited that the last piece in our cloud orchestration strategy and services billing is enabled with implementation of the out of the box solution provided by Jelastic."

− Andrey Nesterenko, CEO, Innovation IT Solutions Corp., the Netherlands

"As Platform-as-a-Service is the next big thing for the cloud market, and we truly believe in it, we have been looking for a long time for a solution like Jelastic. Jelastic fits perfectly into our concept. It's the simplest to use PaaS out there and because it’s so intuitive, our customers are able to set up their cloud environment in minutes. Based on our long-term brand policy, we name our new PaaS service 'Flow App Engine' powered by Jelastic."

− Reto Giezendanner, innofield cofounder, Switzerland

"We see a trend with companies moving towards using microservices instead of implementing a monolith architecture. With Docker support, our PaaS now gives them an even better experience!"

− Joakim Öhman, CEO of Elastx, Sweden